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Sunrise Windows

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Restorations Small Brochure Restorations Large Brochure Restorations Casement Awning Features 2014 Energy Tax Credit Restorations Warranty
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Restorations Finish Options Manufacturer’s Certificate

Essentials Windows

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Essentials Patio Door Insert Essentials Warranty Essentials Brochure

Historical Window Warranties

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Monitor Uniframe
Great Lakes
Velux Skylights
pdf_download_image pdf_download_image pdf_download_image
Vinyl Siding Warranty Diamond Kote Siding Warranty Proline Stone Warranty

Entry Doors

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Warranty Tax Certification Statement Hardware Warranty

Historical Entry Door Warranties

Home Guard Win/Door
2008 & earlier

Storm Doors


Asphalt Roofing

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Platinum Warranty Platinum System Warranty Standard Warranty

Metal Roofing (Shake, Slate, & Tile)


Metal Roofing (Standing Seam)

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Prime Paint Warranty AZ50 Substrate Warranty AZ55 Substrate Warranty

Historical Roofing Warranties

Platinum Warranty
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E-Z Step Down Warranty E-Z Micro Mesh Warranty E-Z Sentry Warranty GutterGekko Warranty
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Window Condensation Ice Damming

Frequently Asked Questions

After completing your final measure, there are still many steps in the process before your product is installed. First, your job goes through an accounting step called Breakdown where we verify all necessary information and materials are included for your job.  Then, your job gets sent to ordering where your work order is entered into our ordering system.  Following that, a second person independently confirms the initial order and uploads your job to the manufacturer.  At this point, the manufacturer verifies there are no issues on the job from their perspective and begins building your product.  Manufacturing lead times can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the products being ordered as well as the manufacturer’s available capacity.  Once your product is built, it is shipped to our warehouse where we double check that it arrived correctly.  Finally, your job is passed on to our Installation Scheduler and she has to coordinate with our current install calendar as well as your schedule to find a time that we can begin your installation.

It is in our interest to get your job installed as soon as possible.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, we cannot always install your job as quickly as we would like, but we never delay a job arbitrarily.  We are always striving to complete your install in the shortest, reasonable time frame.

Many of our customers service issues can be fixed by watching one of our self service support videos.  View the videos now

Our window warranty is one time transferable.  Please give us a call if you have warranty questions on our other products.

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The Weather Tight Referral Rewards Program provides a way for customers to earn rewards for various activities. Points can be earned when:

      • Initial membership—join the program by referring a friend or making a repeat purchase (1,000 points)
      • Your referral completes a product demonstration (1,000 points)
      • Your referral makes a purchase (10,000 points)
      • You attend a Weather Tight event (500 points)
      • A new non-referral customer references you as an influence in their decision to buy (500 points)
      • Various “Thank You” Rewards opportunities.

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