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Every door purchase starts with an idea or purpose—you may need improved energy efficiency, a design update, or added security. Fortunately, Weather Tight offers a wide selection of options for every need, including patio doors, fire doors, and entry doors. A new door is one of the easiest ways to enhance the look and safety of your home without making a huge investment. Schedule your free consultation today to discuss your options—we’re happy to make your idea a reality.


Make a Statement with a New Front Door

Your entry door is one of the first things guests see, so make sure it leaves a good impression. At the same time, someone looking to break in will take a close look at your front door, too, so let any possible burglars know it’s not even worth trying with a door from Weather Tight. Protect your family and home by replacing an old entry door with a fully-insulated one from Therma-Tru. Your home will look better, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your door is one of the safest, most weather-resistant models available. You can also customize it with these functional, stylish options:

  • Door material and color
  • Glass style and design
  • Choice of hardware options
  • Weatherstripping
  • Three-point locking system
  • Mail slots, knockers, and peep sites

We guarantee you’ll love your new entry door, designed and installed just for you!
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682.SlidingDoor_LivingRoom_openWe Know the Importance of a Functional Patio Door

Patios are made for relaxing, but that’s hard to do if getting there means struggling with a sliding patio door that catches every few inches, or a sliding screen door that constantly jams. Our pros can help with Restorations® patio doors that are more functional, durable, and secure than other models on the market. These doors are known for their long-lasting steel rolling system and three-point security locks. Professional installation by Weather Tight ensures smooth operation, so you’ll look forward to enjoying your backyard again.
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Why Fire Doors Have Become a Staple in Homes

As part of fire prevention for garage-to-house entries and for multi-family residence, fire doors are now required by most municipal building codes. In the event of a fire, their heavy construction using steel, cement, and other nonflammable materials can stand up to flames and help keep a fire from spreading.

Our team is proud to install fire doors from Therma-Tru® that come with up to 90-minute burn ratings. That means if the unthinkable happens, your door can keep the flames back for an hour-and-a-half, giving you time to notice smoke, get to safety, and call for help.
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If you’ve been considering a new door for any part of your home, choose the Weather Tight experience—we’ll help you choose the right door for safety, looks, and lasting value.