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As the focal point of your home, the front door should look great, but it also needs to stand up to everyday use—and the elements, like rain, wind, and snow. Over time, you might notice sagging, dents, or peeling paint, or even drafts that sneak past worn weatherstripping—that’s when it’s time to call Weather Tight. We offer a huge selection of Therma-tru Doors that combine beauty, energy efficiency, and security. Our pros can help you find the perfect door for a great entrance, every time.

Front Doors Let Guests in and Keep Air Out

We know how important locks are when it comes to protecting your home. The Therma-tru Doors we recommend and install feature a highly secure locking system with three critical points of contact for extra safety and durability. Instead of the standard handle and deadbolt lock at the center of the door, these systems use multiple deadbolts at various heights to deter a burglar.

An added benefit of this multi-point locking mechanism is improved energy efficiency. Each deadbolt

compresses the door against durable weatherstripping, creating a tight seal so rain, sleet, and snow don’t stand a chance of getting inside. The door is also engineered to resist moisture damage and prevent rotting and warping. Finally, an adjustable threshold makes your new door “Weather Tight.”

Door Design Comes Down to Details

From frame details to hardware color and everything in between, we can tailor your entry door to look great and last. Start by choosing material for the door itself. Wood is beautiful, but know that it’ll take some maintenance to keep it that way. If you want the look of a wood door without the cost or upkeep, consider fiberglass options that look like the real thing, complete with woodgrain detail. These doors are fully insulated and expertly hung for maximum performance—with special jambs that deter moisture, rot, and warping. Then choose from additional options including:

  • Color
  • Glass design
  • Style
  • Hardware
  • Internal blinds
  • Locking system
  • Accessories
  • And more

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The best part of working with our pros is the Weather Tight experience. Measurements need to be exact and architecturally correct to ensure your door is plumb for decades to come—and we’ve got it covered. We’ll measure everything during the initial consultation, make recommendations, and walk you through the design process from start to finish. We’ll even recommend kick plates, mail slots, or peep sites that you might not have considered but will come to appreciate. To start your front door update, schedule your free consultation today and start designing some options online.

Entry Doors