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Merton, WI, first began to be settled in the 1830s. The original ethnic mix of the region was Yankee, English, Scottish, Danish, and Dutch. By the end of the 19th century, the development of the railroads had significantly opened up the region around Merton. Merton became a tourist destination during this time because of its many lakes and beautiful outdoor locations. 

Today, Merton is still known as an appealing lake community. Merton is home to many commuters because it is only thirty minutes from downtown Milwaukee. People who work in the city but appreciate the small-town atmosphere of the village love living in Merton. The one drawback is often the weather. 

As for most of Southeastern WI, Merton can experience a lot of severe weather, especially in the winter and spring. Its proximity to Lake Michigan makes it vulnerable to bad wind and heavy rain or snow. But you can ensure your Merton home remains secure against the weather. You just need the help of Weather Tight. 

Weather Tight is the premier home remodeling company in Southeastern Wisconsin. We have served over 34,000 customers in our 35+ years in business. Plus, we have received several awards, including Angi Super Service Award, BBB Torch Awards for Ethics, and Owen’s Corning Platinum Awards for Service Excellence. Therefore, you know you are receiving the best when you work with Weather Tight. 

Available Services in Merton

While we provide many home remodeling services, the following are our most popular in Merton. 


Replacement windows can make your home more energy-efficient and weather-resistant. They can also improve your view, an important feature in a beautiful community like Merton. 

At Weather Tight, we offer Restorations windows. These come with a wealth of options. In fact, all the options can be overwhelming for many customers. That is why you need our expert help to ensure you pick the perfect window for your home. 


Siding is a crucial feature of a home. It determines the look of your house. It also protects your home from the elements. When you choose vinyl siding from Weather Tight, you will receive the best product in the industry. For example, the panel is extremely thick, making it more wind-resistant and durable. 

For expert siding installation, you need the help of the professionals at Weather Tight. We even offer Tyvek Home Wrap with each siding installation, which acts as a moisture and wind barrier. 


Roofing is another feature that can dramatically alter the look and feel of your home. If your roof is poorly installed, you will know it. Not only will it look poorly done, but it will also leak or be easily damaged by wind and rain. 

Weather Tight is the top roofing contractor in Milwaukee. We work exclusively with Owen’s Corning, which provides the industry’s top shingles. Our relationship with Owen’s Corning is so great that we have received their Platinum Preferred Contractor award, an honor only given to 8% of Owen’s Corning contractors. 

Entry Doors

There are almost as many entry door options as there are window options. From frame details to hardware color and glass design, there are many ways to customize your entry door. Let us help you create the entry door of your dreams. 

The Therma-tru Doors offered by Weather Tight are secure and weather-resistant. They have a three-point locking system, durable weatherstripping, and are experts fitted and hung every time. 

Patio Doors

You do not want to overlook the importance of patio doors. These interior doors often lead to backyards and private spaces. To enjoy them fully, they need to slide right and lock securely. You can expect these features and more from the Restorations patio doors offered by Weather Tight. 

Gutter Protection 

New gutters can make a world of difference for your home. They remove water from around your home, preventing flooding and mold growth. You need a seamless gutter system that does not clog easily and rarely needs cleaning. At Weather Tight, we provide the gutters your home needs to stay dry. 

Baths & Showers

Finally, we are happy to offer a new interior home remodeling service: bath and shower replacement. The experts at Weather Tight will work with you to design a bathroom that meets your style needs. From modern to traditional, we can make your dreams come true. 

We are also experts in shower and tub replacements. Whether you need a tub-to-shower conversion or want a complete bathtub replacement, we have you covered. 

Contact Weather Tight to schedule your free consultation in Merton or a meeting at our Idea Center in West Allis. 


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