Shakes & Scallops

  • Shake Siding

Weather Tight offers a variety of shakes & scallops options to give your home an elegant look.

Shakes & Scallops Siding Features:

Image shows several different types of shingle styles

  • Engineered to last a lifetime.
  • Integrated Panel Locking System: This patent-pending design locks panels firmly together for increased strength and structural integrity, as well as a more uniform finished look.
  • Self-Concealing Side Tabs: The self-concealing side tabs feature the same cedar grain detail as the panel to hide seams where panels are joined, creating a virtually seamless appearance.
  • Extended Panel Length:  Approximately 40% longer than typical shake and scallop profiles, offering a smoother finish and fewer seams.
  • Wind Resistant:  In independent laboratory tests, Fairhaven Sound Single Select remained secure in Category 5 hurricane-velocity winds.
  • Several color options are available.

Image depicts the variety of color options available from Weather Tight

A shake finish is squared off on the bottom, whereas a scallop exterior finish is rounded on the bottom. Both siding types create a unique look that makes your home really stand out.

Yes, it’s easy to get the look of traditional shake siding with the new, more durable vinyl materials. You can have the look you want with virtually no maintenance or upkeep required.

The shake siding that we use for our siding installations is beautiful and seamless in appearance. The siding is professionally installed, and it will give you the aesthetic you want for your exterior finish.

As with any of our siding options, shake and scallop siding holds up well to Wisconsin weather, whether that means wind, extreme cold, or snow. Our siding is built to last, and with the proper installation, it will increase the value and curb appeal of your house.

We have a wide variety of finishes and colors available for shake siding. Your Weather Tight representative will discuss your options and make sure you get exactly the look you desire for the exterior of your home.

The installation process is the same, no matter the type of siding that you choose. First, we’ll remove the old siding from the exterior of your house, install a Tyvek house wrap for added protection. Then our professional installers will replace your siding for a beautiful exterior finish.

Our shake siding is made of vinyl and engineered wood, making it virtually maintenance-free and impenetrable by pests and mildew. Shake siding gives your home a beautiful, handcrafted appearance while offering easy upkeep.

Because the pigment is built right into the siding, there’s no need to paint or stain the siding after installation. It’s fade-resistant and will continue to look new and beautiful for years.

At Weather Tight, we always recommend removing the old exterior finish before installation. This ensures that we detect any concerns that may be lurking underneath your finish. In addition, the installation is more durable and looks great when all the previous exterior finishes are removed first.

Yes, shake and scallop finishing look beautiful with stone façade, or when combined with other trims and looks. Your Weather Tight representative will help you explore your options to ensure you get the finish you want and a look you’ll be proud to call home.