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From roofing and siding to soffit and fascia, the way your home is built directly affects how well it “breathes.” Roofing and siding are installed to prevent leaks, while soffit and fascia promote ventilation. Although these important functions are often taken for granted, the professional remodelers at Weather Tight know they make all the difference in how your house looks and feels.

The Purpose of Soffit and Fascia

Soffit is part of your home’s exterior overhangs—beneath eaves, arches, and balconies—that promotes airflow and keeps your attic and roof temperature regulated. It draws cool, dry air through soffit intake vents, which forces hot, moist air out of roof exhaust vents. Its counterpart, fascia, is the attractive finishing edge that runs along your roofline to support shingles and seal out moisture.

Soffit and fascia are underutilized but are crucial to preventing shingle and roof damage in summer and condensation and water damage in winter. The majority of homeowners attribute this damage to the elements, but it’s most often caused by improper construction and ventilation.

In fact, roof warranties are void without adequate ventilation. If your soffit and fascia aren’t installed and maintained properly, you may notice water spots on your ceiling, premature roof aging, deteriorating insulation, and even structural rotting and mold growth. Soffit and fascia are key in preventing these problems and more. Additional benefits include:

  • Prolonged roof lifespan
  • Lowered energy bills
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Protected against pests and small animals

Understanding and Weighing Your Options

When shopping for soffit and fascia, trust us to explain the technical details, but also consider it an opportunity to update your home’s exterior. These features used to be mostly made of wood, but new options are available in vinyl, aluminum, and PVC that stand up to the harsh Wisconsin elements. Plus, color options are practically endless, so we can help you select one that fits your needs, design, and style.

Not all soffit and fascia are created equal. We proudly recommend and install Quality Edge materials, which are among the most effective and attractive options available today. Your home will have a new look, be properly ventilated to maximize your comfort and efficiency and be covered with a lifetime warranty.

Schedule your free consultation today to discuss all of the benefits of these and other exterior remodeling services. We can explain the ins and outs of each and walk you through your options to find the right fit for your home.

Weather Tight can cover soffit and fascia with the trim colors below.

Image shows about 20 small color swatches highlighting which colors can be selected for soffit or fascia work. Colors range from white and almond to country blue and royal brown.

Weather Tight can order the hidden vent soffit in the colors below.

Image shows about a dozen color options that can be selected for the hidden soffit vent from Weather Tight. Colors range from white and almond to terra bronze and Victorian grey.

Soffit & Fascia FAQs

The fascia is the “trim” of your roofline—the portion of the roof where the gutter sits. The soffit is the underside of the roof, running between the roof’s edge and the walls of your home. The soffit helps ensure your home breathes properly with the correct ventilation.

The soffit and fascia protect your home from the weather, pests, and even small animals that could get into your roof. Today’s modern homes feature a soffit and fascia because it’s a critical part of your home’s roofing and ventilation.

Generally speaking, you will need to assess and replace your soffit and fascia as part of your roof replacement. Without an adequately vented soffit, your roof can quickly degrade and become damaged, which could negate the warranty. If you’re investing in a new roof, a soffit and fascia are essential as well.

At Weather Tight, our soffit and fascia options are made of the highest quality aluminum materials, making them durable and requiring virtually no maintenance.

If your home or roof isn’t properly ventilated, you may notice high humidity levels in your home, even when the weather outside is temperate. If you notice a lot of condensation on your windows, bubbling paint, or curling shingles on your roof, it may be time to explore the origin of the concern.

At Weather Tight, we offer a wide selection of soffit and fascia colors to fit almost any home’s exterior finish. When you meet with your Weather Tight representative, they will review the array of options to choose from.

With the proper soffit and fascia, squirrels and pests should stay out of your roof. However, if you have unwanted “visitors” in your home (such as birds, bats, squirrels, and mice), you may have a problem with your fascia or soffit.

With proper ventilation, your roof can last decades. Our roofs are guaranteed for 30-years, and adequate ventilation is an essential part of keeping your roof strong.

Again, the soffit and fascia play a critical role in preventing mold and water damage in your home. Homes need to breathe with proper ventilation. The soffit ensures that moist air can get out of your home without causing damage.

When your soffit and fascia are correctly installed, made from durable materials, they can last a very long time. You may only need to replace your soffit and fascia once, provided you choose an experienced installer like Weather Tight.